Here are the STOPChic DEMANDS

STOPChic Makes the following Demands of PPBI Widgets:

  •                 Immediate departure of harbor island
  •                 Immediate cessation of use of naphthalene and anhydrous ammonia in all manufacturing activities in Wichita Falls TX
  •                 Establish a $1million cleanup fund for harbor island restoration
  •                 Establish a $1million cleanup fund for the grounds and all water run-off from PPBI Widgets manufacturing site
  •                 Publication of design & manufacturing specifications of the triple recess pin widget to reveal any other eco-hazardous activities
  •                 Public statement of wrong-doing on PPBI Widgets Facebook page and website
  •                 Public press conference by EVP that announces the previous six items

STOPChic Takes Over PPBI Widgets Page!

We are SAVEChic and have taken over your facebook page!

StopChic makes the following demands for the release of the CEO

  •  Immediate cessation of all Harbor Island Activities
  • Denunciation of all other commercial activities on Harbor Island to include
  • All hotels
  • All Restaurants
  •  All vehicular traffic
  • All marina activities

Welcome to PPBI Widgets

PPBI Widgets is a fictional company developed for use by Public & Private Businesses, Inc ( during their Mock Disaster workshop hosted at the Disaster Recovery Journal ( Fall World 2012 in New Orleans!

Participation in this exciting event is limited to 200 participants, so sign up early when you register for the conference.

PPBI is a non-profit dedicated to fostering cooperation and understanding between private sector business continuity planners and public sector emergency managers and first responders.  Consider joining us as a member or corporate sponsor.  Go to to sign up.